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Washing Machine Repair Services - in the North and South Shore.

Model and Serial locator:

For top load washers:

The model and serial tag will be under the lid, in the lower middle by the hinge side. 

For front load washers:

The model and serial tag will be inside front face of the washer, on the left or right side (door open).

Washers are another very necessary convenience that most of us cannot do without. We know how important it is to get your washer up and running quickly, We are here to help. We service numerous brands, including, Whirlpool, LG, GE, Kenmore, Samsung, Maytag, etc. with most up to date knowledge and skills we strive to provide Outstanding Service you can count on. We only use factory certified parts.

Brands we service:
  •     Asko

  •     LG

  •     GE

  •     Kenmore

  •     Whirlpool 

  •     Maytag

  •     Samsung

Washing Machine Repair
Here are a few maintenance Tips:
  • Running a cleaning cycle on a regular basis, with white vinegar or recommend cleaning products will not only keep your washing machine looking and smelling like new, but will extend the life expectancy.

  • Cleaning the coin trap on the pump sump regularly will prevent future damage to the drain pump.

  • Using HE detergent on HE appliances will enable the unit to run more efficiently, it is recommended to not use more than 2.5 tbs of detergent, as it will create excessive suds.

Here are a few repair tips:
  • If you have a digital display model and are getting random error codes, unplugging the unit or resetting the breaker for about 5 minutes, might correct the problem as the power down will reset the control board.

  • If your washer stops in the middle of a cycle, the most common culprit would be unbalanced load or using too much detergent. For the unbalanced load error, pausing the machine and rearranging the clothes and starting the wash might fix the error.

Brands we Service:

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