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Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Services - in the North and South Shore.

Sub-Zero Model & Serial Number Location:

Ice Maker:

Inside on side wall.


Refrigerator Drawer:

Top drawers left side up high.



Upper refer door hinge.


Side by Side: 

Freezer door hinge.


Wine Cooler: 

Upper racks left side.


700 Series with Drawers: 

Pull top drawer open, in back on side wall

About Sub-Zero

Founded in 1945, Sub zero is still the leading brand in today's market. it is a top of the line brand made to last and keep your food fresh longer than any other competitor out there.  Regular preventative maintenance will keep your Sub zero running longer and more efficiently. 

We know your Sub Zero is very valuable to you. We  are specialized on Sub-zero repairs. That's why we go above and beyond to make sure we give special attention and care to have your Sub Zero running like new again.

Some preventative maintenance tips we have picked up along the way:

  • Vacuuming the condenser coil twice a year will help your Sub Zero run more efficiently, especially in the hot weather.

  • Changing the water filter periodically as it indicates will in turn maintain higher productivity of the ice maker.

  • Changing the air filter periodically as it indicates will maintain a cleaner and fresher environment inside your Sub Zero.

Potential Repair Tips:

  • If the vacuum condenser light is flashing on your display, The condenser coil might need to be vacuumed. Turn the Sub Zero off and with the vacuum lightly go over the condenser coil ( it looks like a radiator ) . Once vacuumed , turn the power on.

  • Ice and Service flashing on the display: this is usually caused by a miscommunication between the main board and the ice maker. turning off the unit for 5 minutes will reboot the board and the ice maker should start working normally. 

  • Ice on the back wall : please make sure the door of your Sub zero is closing fully, make sure the light switch is working correctly, test it by pressing on the switch. if the above mentioned checked normal, please call for service.

Sub-Zero Appliance Repair

Brands we Service:

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