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Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair Services in the North and South Shore.

Model and Serial number location:

Open the refrigerator door , the model number tag should be located either on the right or left side on the top corner of the interior of your refrigerator.  

Refrigerators offer such a convenience to our busy lives. It is such a crucial part of our lifestyle, that most of us cannot do without.  We all know the frustration of having to throw away a recent grocery shopping due to a refrigerator not working. We know how important it is to get your refrigerator up and running quickly, We are here to help.

High End Care delivers on its promise " Outstanding Service you can count on".

Being in the appliance repair industry for 10 years we have the most up to date knowledge, skills and we can service most brands, we are EPA certified and we only use genuine OEM factory parts. 

Brands we service:     
  •          Sub-zero

  •          LG

  •          GE

  •          Kenmore

  •          Whirlpool 

  •          Maytag

  •          Samsung

Some tips on the preventative maintenance:

  • It is recommended to vacuum the condenser coil at list twice a year , this will allow your refrigerator or freezer to run more efficient and cool down normally .

  • Make sure the door gaskets are not torn by visually inspecting them , as this will allow warm air to get inside the fridge , causing the unit to run constantly and not cooling properly .

  • Replace water filter ( if applicable ) every six months to maintain maximum ice production and better water flow/quality . 


Here are some repair tips:

  • If you are noticing frost built up in the freezer, most common culprit would be, the door has been left slightly ajar. Making sure the door is sealing properly each time and removing any object that’s preventing the door from closing will prevent the issue.

Brands we Service:

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