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Gas and Electric Dryer Repair

Gas and Electric Dryer Repair Services - in the North and South Shore.

Dryers are another very necessary comfort that most of us cannot do without. We know how important it is to get your dryer up and running quickly, We are here to help. Being in the appliance repair industry for 10 years we have the most up to date knowledge, skills and we can service most brands. We only use factory Certified parts. We know the convenience your dryer supplies to you, we are here to make sure we get your dryer up and running like new again. 

 High End Care delivers on its promise " Outstanding Service you can count on".

For Model and Serial number locator:

The model and serial tag will be inside front face of the dryer , on the left or right side (door open).

Brands we service:     
  •         Asko

  •         LG

  •         GE

  •         Kenmore

  •         Whirlpool 

  •         Maytag

  •        Samsung

Here are a few maintenance tips:
  • Cleaning the lint trap screen before every use, will not only deliver efficiency, but it is a fire hazards prevention.

  • A yearly vent cleaning by a professional HVAC company will allow better air flow and prevent fire hazards. 

Here are a few repair tips:
  • If you have a digital display model and are getting random error codes, unplugging the unit or resetting the breaker for about 5 minutes, might correct the problem as the power down will reset the control board.

  • If your Dryer is taking longer than normal to dry your clothes: The common issues would be a clogged vent or a clogged lint screen.  If you can't see through the lint screen, please rinse it out with warm water until the water falls through. It is recommended to have a professional HVAC company to clean out the vents once a year. This will prevent fire hazards and will allow maximum air flow for your Dryer.

Brands we Service:

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