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Electric and Gas Oven and Range Repair Services

in the North and South Shore

Model and Serial number locator:

Due to the variety of the brands, please refer to your owner's manual as this will be the less time-consuming way to locate the model and serial tag.

A home cooked meal is a soulful remedy that we all enjoy. The convenience that the cooking appliance provides is unreplaceable. The variety offered today in the modern kitchen is abundant. while the abundance is quite fulfilling for the consumers visual and style satisfaction, it increases the potential problems. The more features that a range has, the more possibility that problems may arise with your oven. We know how important it is to get your oven up and running quickly, We are here to help.

High End Care delivers on its promise " Outstanding Service you can count on"

Being in the appliance repair industry for 10 years we have the most up to date knowledge, skills and we can service most brands and we only use genuine OEM factory parts. 

We Have Over 10 Years Experience Repairing:     


Electric ovens                     Gas ranges,

Gas cooktops                     Electric cooktops


We Only use genuine factory certified parts.  

Brands we service:     
  •          Wolf

  •          LG

  •          GE

  •          Kenmore

  •          Whirlpool 

  •          Maytag

  •          Samsung

Range Repair
Potential Repair Tips:
  • By cleaning a spill (after it has cooled down) on the burner, will prevent it from clogging.

  • If the burner igniters are constantly clicking, simply use a sand cloth to lightly clean the tip of the igniter.

  • If you are getting an error message on the display, quite often this can be solved by unplugging the unit, or turning the breaker off for 5 minutes. This will re-boot every electronic component.

  • If your oven is taking longer than normal to pre-heat or is cooking unevenly Please be sure the door is closing correctly otherwise the culprit could be a bad heating element or a bad control board/thermostat.

Brands we Service:

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