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Dishwasher Repair Services - in the North and South Shore.

Model and Serial number location:

Open the door, the tag should be located on the right hand-side or left-hand side of the dishwasher tub front frame

Dishwashers offer one of the greatest conveniences in a home. You only realize the importance of your dishwasher when you are washing your dishes by hand because your dishwasher has broken down. Because the Dishwasher is such an important part of your everyday activities, you need it to be fixed fast and professionally when it breaks down. 

We have over 10 years of hands on experience in fixing appliances. We repair most of dishwasher brands and we only use factory certified parts. 

High End Care delivers on its promise "Outstanding Service you can count on".

Brands we service:
  • Asko

  • LG

  • GE

  • Kenmore

  • Whirlpool 

Dishwasher Repair Service
Here are a few tips to maintain your dishwasher.
  • The use of the wrong Detergent  – when initially purchasing an dishwasher , most people will neglect to see which or what kind of detergent is recommended. Most dishwashers have specific instructions on the kinds of detergents that will work perfectly on.  The use of only gel or liquid detergents might be recommended for some and others will specify that powder detergents are the best. Using the wrong detergents will create buildups that will compromise the efficiency of your dishwasher. 

  • Arms not spraying water – You need to ensure that all the spray arm holes have water coming out of them. Most of the dishwasher arms can come out easy , rinsing them under warm water and cleaning the holes might prevent major problems that will need the hands of an expert to repair.

  • Clogged filter- Simply by rinsing the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, can prevent the filter from being clogged, also can maintain a CLEAN and odor free dishwasher.  

Brands we Service:

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